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Time Please Movie

time please movie downloads After we covered the review of the play Nava Gadi Nava Rajya on which this movie is based we thought the film adaptation would just be a repetition on the big screen. But boy were we wrong. The movie is so much better (or should we say ‘different’) than the play. And given the albeit sad fact that there’s a larger audience for movies than plays we think that debutant director Sameer Vidwans has delivered a job well done.

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The movie is about the newly wed couple Rushikesh (Umesh Kamat) and Amruta (Priya Bapat) and how the share the sweet and sour moments of the first phase of their married life. Here we want to take a moment to shower accolades on the movie’s writer Kshitij Patwardhan for giving us a story that is run-of-the0mill in nature for some but doesn’t get boring even for a minute. Thanks to carefully crafted and casted characters. Every single one of them are just perfect for the role.

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Priya Bapat as the bubbly carefree Amruta who doesn’t want to take life seriously is a charm to watch on screen. She may remind you of Jab We Met’s Geet but set in a maharashtrian backdrop she is sure to win thousands of young hearts. Coupled with Umesh Kamat who suits perfectly as the responsible caring and concerned husband together they make every scene of the film seem like something that could happen to each one of us.

Time Please Review

A very today film, which youngsters will identify with, is what director Sameer Vidwans has directed and pretty well too. Based on his hit play Nava Gadi Nava Rajya, ‘Time Please’ has the same lead stars Umesh Kamat and Priya Bapat playing Rishi and Amrita the newly wed couple, whose love nest if full of sweet and sour moments.

However, the sweetness goes out of their marriage first, when Amrita’s childhood buddy Himmat (Siddharth Jadhav) comes to stay with them with for a few days and the second time, when Rishi’s reconnects with his ex-girlfriend Radhika (Sai Tamhankar) at his work place.

Time Please Movie Download

In this day and age youngsters have a lot of good friends of the opposite sex, who remain buddies even after marriage. Misunderstandings crop up when these very buddies are seen as a threat to a marriage and this has been portrayed well by the director. Watch the scene where a simple comment on a Facebook picture can lead to a big fight or the scene where Rishi returns drunk after an office party and his ramblings cause a wedge in their relation. These and many such scenes will connect with youngsters, who actually live these lives of friendships that dangerously border on love. time please movie download

time please movie download

While the simplicity of the plot is a huge plus, the acting by all the stars is spot on. Looking stunning is Priya Bapat. She brings about the contrast in her character well; playing loud and immature initially to mature and grim later. When she has to crack emotionally she does so with sadness that reflects in her eyes. Umesh as the stoic and organised husband pulls off his part with élan, as does Sai who plays confused and charming with equal dexterity. However, it’s Siddharth Jadhav’s ‘butterfly man’ act that’s a surprise. While the song rocks, and his presence provides comic relief, his role has romantic shades and Siddharth does well to portray them, well, endearingly comically.

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