Pandu Marathi Full Movie Review

Pandu Marathi Full Movie Review 2021

Pandu Marathi Full Movie Review

Pandu Marathi Full Movie Review 2021 The late Dada Kondke has inspired an entire generation of audiences, filmmakers and actors in Maharashtra and the film Pandu is a testament to that. Dada Kondke is not a remake or sequel to his iconic Pandu Havaldar, but a tribute to Dada Kondke.

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The film Pandu does not make big claims; The same is true of Dada Kondke’s films, which have only one purpose – to entertain the masses. And who can do that better than two of the industry’s best-known comedians?

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Bhau Kadam and Kushal Badrike have worked together for this comedy, hence they are working together on the big screen for the first time. The film begins with a ceremony organized by Bhau (Pandu) and Kushal (Mhadu) in the memory of politician Babasaheb Pathare (Praveen Tarde). Pleased with his performance, Babasaheb fulfilled his desire to work to earn a living and enlisted him in the Mumbai Police as a constable. What’s next is a comedy of errors, twists and turns and hate climaxes.

Pandu Marathi Full Movie

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Dual-meaning humour is a tricky area. It just needs the right balance; A little too little can make it thick and a little too much can spoil it. Director Viju Mane strikes a chord and makes you laugh.

Pandu Marathi Movie Review

The acting department is full of well-known names and they deliver what is expected of them. No one else has left their mark for this role in place of Bhau Kadam, but while maintaining a certain level of innocence, the comedian delivers on every punch line. In the role of Madu, Kushal is a great companion of Bhai Pandu and gives an equally good performance. Neither of these dominates the other.

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No doubt Sonali looks beautiful and gets to tie a punch (literally) in the form of Usha. The role of the actress is important in the story of Pandu. Praveen Tarde is essaying the role of Babasaheb Pathare on-screen, while Prajakta Mali is playing the role of Babasaheb’s daughter as a surprise package in this equation.

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The film manages to slow down in the second half as much as the first half of Pandu is interesting. Though the climax earned some brownie points, the film did not take a full turn. A few supporting characters have been added for Comic Relief, but removing some of them really won’t make much difference. For example, the Hemangi poet has little to do with setting up Mhadu’s marriage, nor does Shahbaz Khan.

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Everything told and done, Bhau Kadam and Kushal Badrike’s friendship is a highlight of the film. Most people will also go to see this film. Both are not disappointed. The same cannot be said about the entire film.

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Director: Viju Mane

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