Keywords Everywhere Premium Features

Keywords Everywhere Premium Features 2023

What are Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that enables you to see keyword data in Google searches and on several other sites. Below is a screenshot that shows a Keywords Everywhere Premium Features Google search result for “keyword tool” with Keywords Everywhere active.

As you can see, this keyword has a monthly search volume of 110,000.

When you have Keywords Everywhere installed, searching for something on Google will show you a lot of information about what you searched for

Keywords Everywhere Premium Features

  • Search volume: The estimated monthly search volume for the keyword.
  • Cost per click (CPC): How much it costs per click to set up a paid ad for the keyword?
  • Competition: How competitive the keyword is for paid search ads.
  • Related keywords: A list of related keywords in the sidebar to the right.

The search volume and related keywords are very useful when doing keyword research for SEO.

However, CPC and competition Keywords Everywhere Premium Features are mostly useful for search engine marketers using paid Google ads to drive traffic.

The tool also shows keyword data on several other websites and tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • YouTube
  • Google Trends
  • Amazon
  • Bing
  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • Moz
  • Answer the public
  • Keyword sh**ter
  • Majestic
  • Soovle

The data shown by Keywords Everywhere comes from the Google Ads Keyword Planner. This is a free tool from Google that shows estimated search metrics for the Google search engine.

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Even the keyword data shown on other sites like YouTube and Amazon is actually the same Google search data from Google Ads Keyword Planner.

For this reason, I don’t think the tool is particularly useful for keyword research on these other sites. It is mostly useful for Google SEO.

However, if something has a lot of Keywords Everywhere Premium Features of search volume on Google, then chances are that it also has a lot of search volume on the other sites.

Keywords Everywhere Pricing Plans

The price point is kept as low as possible. There are no monthly recurring plans. You can use it and pay for the use. Pay-As-You-Go Model. For 10,000 keywords data, users will have to pay only $1. That is it. This means users may not be paying more than $2 or $3 per month.

Keywords Everywhere Premium Features

With these funds, it will become easy for Keywords Everywhere to continue its journey and provide much better functionalities too.
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keywords Research Tools In The Past

Keywords Everywhere are not just my favourite SEO Chrome Extension for Keywords Research but it is liked and preferred by a growing community of SEO agencies and professionals across the globe.

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Before Oct 1, 2019, It was a free keyword research tool. You add this to the extension of your chrome or Firefox browser. You type in the search bar the keywords and it flashes itself on the right with some useful suggestions on the keywords for you.

It is used to provide complete details on the popular, trending and non-trending keywords that can be ideal for business owners. With values on cost per click, competition and other keyword metrics, it was a lot simpler for the SEO agencies and SEO freelancers to carry out the keyword research.

Those were the times when small SEO companies and SEO Freelancers had the freedom to use it for FREE.

But, today, it is PREMIUM Keywords Research Tool.

This unique, browser add-on was once the saviour for all small SEO agencies and Freelance SEO experts. They must not have thought that it would take such a step.
But, that is the rule. It is hard to understand why, though.

Keywords Everywhere Premium Features

Let us take a look at the Keywords Everywhere Premium Features. Let me be very clear, all these features of this browser add-on were FREE before Oct 1, 2019. Now, users have to pay to check the values for the Cost Per Click, Competition, and Monthly Search Volume.

  • Search for 10,000 keywords at just $1.
  • There are no fixed monthly plans.
  • There is an option for pay-as-you-use.
  • Get advanced data on keywords
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) Details
  • Search volume data
  • Adwords competition data (Now, Google Ads Data)
  • Data with respect to “People Also Search For.” (this is a newly added feature for the premium version)
  • Download keywords lists in CSV, Excel, and PDF formats.

official Keywords Everywhere blog post

Keywords Everywhere will be a paid browser extension from Oct 1st 2019.
The Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension & Firefox add-on are going paid starting Oct 1, 2019, after being free for four years.

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In late 2015, we created Keywords Everywhere with the idea of providing value to thousands of users by being a browser extension that gives you keyword data exactly where you need it the most.

Over the last 4 years, Keywords Everywhere has been completely free software used by more than a million users.

Unfortunately, a year ago, we started noticing bot activity where automated scripts were querying our API to get data for keywords. The number of calls made by bots soon far surpassed the number of calls made by real users, and for a year have been forcing us to constantly upgrade hardware in order to keep the software functional for our real users.

We have had to disable certain functionality like the Import Keywords & Analyze Page features. We have tried everything to mitigate bot activity such as blocking accounts, blocking IP addresses and IP ranges among other approaches. For a small set of users, we tested implementing Google Recaptcha (and other recaptcha solutions), but this did not work well at all.

We spend a lot of time managing servers and issues because of the bot activity. The bots are always a few steps ahead and end up creating thousands of API keys and there is no way for us to control API usage. By making Keywords Everywhere a paid tool, all bot activity will cease immediately.

The only other option would have been to shut it down.

We are doing this to avoid having to shut down the extension completely. We hope you will continue to support us during this transition time.

We are keeping the price point as low as possible. There will be no monthly recurring plans. Keywords Everywhere will only have pay-as-you-go plans. The credit-based payment plan will cost just $1 for 10,000 keywords data. For most users, the cost per month would be less than $2

With the funds, we will also be able to add support for other countries and build additional features. We have also recently brought back features that we had to previously block such as import keywords & analyze pages, all of which we blocked because they were used extensively by bots.

On 1st Oct 2019, the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension and Firefox add-on will stop automatically retrieving volume, CPC and competition data for all keywords. It will continue showing you the “related” keywords, and the “people also ask for” keywords in the widgets on the right-hand side of google. To see the metrics, you will need to purchase credits for your account.