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Girlz Marathi Movie Download

Girlz Marathi Movie Download GirlzMati, an 18 year old college going girl, convinces her strict parents to let her go on an independent journey and explore Goa, where she ends up meeting two other girls who come from different walks of life. girlz marathi movie download

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Movie Credits:

Directed by Vishal Sakharam Devrukhkar
Produced by Naren Kumar
Written by Hrishikesh Koli
Associate Producer – Amit Bhanushali
Associate Director – Amol Chandrakant Gharat
Executive Producer – Chandrashekhar Nanaware
D.O.P. – Siddhartha Jatla
Art Director – Prashant Bidkar
Costume Designer – Sayli Bhaskar Soman
Editor – Guru Patil & Mahesh Killekar
Makeup – Rajesh Patil
Hair Stylist – Sajjan Roopchand Mehta
Music By – Praful – Swapnil, Samir Saptiskar
Lyrics – Abhijeet Gaikwad, Jai Atre, Mandar Cholkar, Varun Likhate
Post Production Head – Durgesh Ashok Gupta
Sound Design & Mixing – Dinesh Uchil, Shantanu Akerkar
Background Score – Aditya Bedekar
Choreographer – Sujit Kumar
DI – Pixel Digital Studio girlz marathi movie download
DI Colourist – Prakash Nikharge
VFX – NJL Studio
Marketing – 52 Friday Cinemas
PR – Amruta Chhaya Mane (Avadumber Entertainments)
Visual Promotion – Just Right Studio
Publicity Design – Loki’s Studio
Digital Marketing – Sameer Vasant Bhosle (Relligio)

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girlz marathi movie download

New Marathi Movie

Marathi cinema’s popular filmmaker, Vishal Devrukhkar who is basking in the success of his latest film ‘Boyz 2’ is back to leave you in splits with his upcoming film ‘Girlz’. girlz marathi movie The makers of director Vishal Devrukhkar’s ‘Girlz’ had made it clear with the teaser that the ‘naughty’ quotient of this film would be a few notches higher than the last two series of ‘Boyz‘ and ‘Boyz 2‘.

The hilarious trailer starts with the lead actress, Ankita Lande, Ketaki Narayan, and Anvita Phaltankar taking the audience on a rollercoaster ride with their ‘naughty’ quotient girlz marathi movie humour which is higher than the last two series of ‘Boyz’ and ‘Boyz 2’. The audience will witness the ‘Girlz’ who are set to have fun in much bolder ways.

The lead star, Parth Bhalerao can be seen introducing the modern-day girls who are set to break the shackles of society and do something different. This level of adult comedy featuring girls is hardly seen in Marathi cinema.
Going through the trailer, the film has a chance of opening doors for adult comedy in Marathi cinema if it manages to impress with the content. However, girlz marathi movie they also need to factor whether the Marathi audience is ready for this genre yet.girlz marathi movie download

Presented by ‘Everest Entertainment‘ & ‘Kyra Kumar Kreations’, under the ‘A Kyra Kumar Kreations Production banner, the film is also produced by Naren Kumar,girlz marathi movie Sujatha N Kumar, while Amit Bhanushali will be the associate producer on this film. The film is slated to release on 29 November 2019.

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Director: Vishal Devrukhkar

Date Created: 2023-06-03 14:14

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