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Friends Marathi Movie

Where there is a will, there is a way. With slight modifications, this phrase can aptly be changed to ‘Where there’s love and conflict, there’s Swwapnil Joshi’. The actor, who has established himself as the quintessential lover boy of Marathi cinema, returns in 2016 with a similar kind of role.

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friends marathi movie

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Producer(s): Sanjay Kelapure, R Madhesh, Prem Vyaas, Manish Chanda
Executive Producer: Dhanraj
Co-Producer: Shiv Rajputra
Director: R. Madhesh
Assistant Director: Jayakrishna
Writer: R. Madhesh
ScreenPlay: na
Dialogues: Shirish Latkar
Action: Nishant
Lyrics: Mandar Cholkar, Guru Thakur
Music: Nilesh Moharir, Amitraj Sawant, Pankaj Padghan
Playback Singer: na
Cinematographer (DOP): D.Kannan
Editor: na
Starcast: Swapnil Joshi, Sachit Patil, Gauri Nalawade
Art Director: na
Costumes: Rohit Chaturvedi
Makeup: na
Sound: na
Background Score: na
Choreographer: na
DI, VFX: na
D.I. Colorist: na
Promos: na
Music Label: na
Publicity Designs: na
P.R.O.: na
Distributor: na

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R Madhesh’s Marathi directorial ‘Friends’, as the title suggests, is all about friendship and sacrifice. It opens with the bundle of positivity Neel (Joshi) Friends Marathi Movie Download bumping into Bhairavi (Gauri) on his way to Mumbai. It’s love at first sight for Neel and he asks his friend Raghu (Karande) to find out who the girl is. Meanwhile, at his college, Neel meets Karan (Patil), the angry young man with a heart of gold.

Though they start off on the wrong foot, Neel and Karan become best friends soon. On the other hand, Neel meets Bhairavi again and confesses his love. She says no but he follows her everywhere and just when Neel brings Karan along to meet Bhairavi, he comes to know that the love of his life is his best friend’s sister. Unfortunately for him, a similar situation has already arisen Friends Marathi Movie Download in Karan and Bhairavi’s family before and it didn’t end very well. Now, Neel is in a dilemma. What is more important is love or friendship.

Friends Marathi Movie Download

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Friends Marathi

‘Friends’ is a film for the masses. It has an ample dose of south film action and Sachit plays the macho-man excellently. Similarly, Swwapnil is comfortable in his territory as he plays the lover ready to sacrifice his love for the sake of friendship. In a way, the Friends Marathi Movie Download film seems to be carved out keeping these two actors in mind. Gauri, though the leading lady, has a small role in the film and essays the character as required. Sagar Karande is the surprise package of the film. The actor, usually identified with comic roles, conveys a lot through his act of a friend torn between telling the truth and keeping a friend’s promise.

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Apart from a few instances, the story is largely predictable with the usual ‘shockers’ put in. While the kicks, punches, and one-liners garner whistles, the Friends Marathi Movie Download blatant brand placement, and unnecessarily loud background music hamper the experience. So predictable and blatant is the brand placement that the viewers recite the exact lines of the campaign after a couple of instances.

‘Friends’ is not strong on content and it doesn’t make promises to be either. This is a film that should be watched if what you are looking for is a simple yet entertaining watch. There are five Marathi films hitting the screens this week so if this one has to work, it will only be possible through Swapnil and Sachit’s fan-following.

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